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  • September Meeting & Luncheon

September Meeting & Luncheon

  • 19 Sep 2023
  • 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM
  • VFW Hall 1325 Pine Street, Sandpoint, ID


  • Buffet Style, light lunch
  • Buffet style, light lunch
  • Meeting with no lunch

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Technofascism is Here—But We Can Change That Story
Ever played Monopoly? Then you can know the dangers of centralized control. Once your rival amasses all the properties of a single color they can charge much higher rent, making it harder to travel unscathed. The problem intensifies as your opponent adds houses, then hotels. Before long, anyone who lands on those squares can expect to lose a lot of money—and if it’s a wealthy neighborhood—their shirt, too.

Unchecked, technofascism exerts the same stranglehold. 

Big Business has merged with Big Gov to create technological tyranny in the form of ESG and the Western Social Credit System, financial de-platforming/debanking, CBDCs, censorship/shadow banning, ChatGPT, and "smart" 15 minute cities.

No matter the mechanism, the agenda is the same: utter control over humanity. Now the good news! We can overcome such tyranny. Listen to tech insider Michael Ashley explain how we can not just escape this dystopian nightmare but use it as fuel to create a better, freer world.

About Michael Ashley:
A former Disney screenwriter, Michael has written nearly 50 books on many subjects, including five on artificial intelligence. He co-authored Own the A.I. Revolution (McGraw Hill) which launched at the UN and was named by Soundview as one of 2019's top business books.

A columnist for Forbes and Entrepreneur, Michael serves as a member of City AI, enabling the responsible development/application of artificial intelligence. His talk concerns topics raised in his new co-authored book Neuromined: Triumphing over Technological Tyranny (Fast Company Press). He's also the creator of the Substack The Great Wakeup.

Here is a link to my book Neuromined that the talk is based upon. Here is a link to my Forbes article about the danger we face with de-banking: 

Financial De-Platforming: The Scary Threat We Need To Talk About


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