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Bonner County Republican Women Inc.


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BCRWI November General Meeting

Tuesday, November 21, 2023 at 12:30 PM, Sandpoint VFW Hall

November always brings a special meeting of the Bonner County Republican Women, Inc.  Each November the BCRWI chooses a non-profit to present at the meeting.  We bring a Christmas Tree to decorate with envelopes filled with donations from our members and guests for the chosen non-profit.

This year we are honoring The Lifeguard Group.


The Lifeguard Group helps fight human trafficking in local communities with a three-pronged approach:

By Confronting Apathy

We teach communities what they need to know, and stay clear of misinformation, we keep you focused, aware, and able to teach and help others around you. This is a battle which will take all of us. We are ready to arm you with information you need to gain confidence and take action.

By Avoiding Fear

Learning about human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of minors can leave you feeling scared. Perhaps it’s fear for your kids, your grandkids, your students. In any case, we empower you with tools to protect the kids in your life and help those who may be exploited or trafficked in your community.

By Making a Difference

Once you learn about human trafficking and sexual exploitation of youth, we are certain you will want to jump in the fight. That’s why we give you opportunities to apply your skills through volunteering, hosting an event, or starting your own local group to help us.

Every hour 34 more individuals enter a life of sexual exploitation The human trafficking numbers continue to grow exponentially every year, with nearly 30 million estimated being exploited world-wide and 2 million within the United States and our community is not exempt.

The Lifeguard Group runs the Lifehouse for the victims of human trafficking in western Montana.  The LifeHouse is the only facility of its kind in the country and is a fully integrated recovery home.

The Lifeguard Group also created the LifeLine Project that has presented in front  of 10,000 high school and middle school students. A student has self-identified as a trafficking victim in every school where LifeLine is presented.

We invite you to join us to learn more about this amazing organization and to support them through our Giving Tree

Visit the Lifeguard Group Website and watch an informative video about The Lifeguard Group.

Paid Advance Reservation for Lunch Guests is required.

Member Lunch $10

Non-Member Lunch $15

No Lunch Guest $5.00

Make Your Reservation Here for the November Luncheon >>.  



The Bonner County Republican Women, Inc. political organization is dedicated to educating our members and community about local, federal and global issues as they relate to our Constitutional Republic form of government.

Our mission is to see women from all age groups and walks of life as key players at the political table on national, state and local issues. 

As registered Republicans, we share a common set of values. These values include advocating for high-quality education, safe neighborhoods, lower taxes, economic prosperity, well-paying jobs, equal opportunities, a robust national defense, and a streamlined government.

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We are a motivated group of Republican women who proudly uphold the legacy of our predecessors. These trailblazers fought tirelessly for the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote. Republican women have always been at the forefront of championing good governance. Our mission is to unite women and empower them to shape our nation's future.

BCRWI is diligently working to support Republican candidates and advance conservative causes. We invite you to join forces with us to bring about positive change to uplift our communities. 

Patriotically yours,

Anita Aurit,President of the BCRWI

Dorothy Moon,  Idaho GOP Chairperson, recognized by

Bonner County Republican Women, Inc.

Bonner County Republican Women Inc. members and visitors enjoyed hearing from Dorothy Moon, who serves as the Idaho GOP Chairperson. The BCRWI recognized Dorothy during the organization's annual Women of Courage Luncheon. Moon reported to the group regarding the strong grassroots Republican support found among Idahoans. The Idaho Republican Party reaffirms its commitment to the Republican platform and the party's vision for the future.

She reviewed the recent accomplishments of the party and expressed excitement about the Presidential Caucus she hopes to hold in Idaho in March 2023. A caucus will give Idaho more impact by being in the early stages of the Republican Presidential nominating fight. This early caucus will allow Idaho Republicans to vote fifth in the nation and before Super Tuesday. Moon plans to recruit primary presidential candidates to visit the state.

As the Women of Courage recipient, the Bonner County Republican Women Inc. group awarded Moon a rod iron mobile and candle holder handcrafted by a local north Idaho vendor. 

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An informed voter is a powerful voter.Republican Elephant

Identifying as a conservative is not the same as being a true conservative.

How do you know where candidates stand and which organization is more than conservative in name only?  Here are some tips to help:

Follow the money.

This state site has financial reports of candidates, organizations, and individuals that will tell you where funding comes from.

Don’t fall for the name.

The “Idaho Liberty PAC” spent its donor money on the campaigns of those who opposed the true liberty candidates. “Reclaim Idaho,” a Democratic organization trying to circumvent the people's will via the initiative process. “Take Back Idaho” has attacked the Idaho Freedom Foundation, a true conservative organization (and a good source of information). Idaho 97 supported mandatory vaccinations and masks and opposed the school choice movement. “Defend and Protect Idaho PAC” was created to attack true conservative candidates as “too extreme” and obtained most of its funding from liberals outside of Idaho. North Idaho Voter Services has attacked Bonner County Republican Women Inc, (BCRWI) our President, and other conservatives by label-lynching with the term “right-wing extremists.” They also sent out mailers encouraging cross-over voting during the primaries.

Watch for label-lynching and keywords.

Do they praise moderates and attack those who stand for the Constitution? Do they label lynch with terms such as “right-wing extremist” and “militant Christian fundamentalism” and describe any conservable viewpoint as “hateful rhetoric”?

Find out for yourself.

Attend meetings (school board, county commissioners, city council and other city meetings, library board—any meetings where decisions affect your quality of life and your tax dollars) in person or via zoom. Republican Central Committee meetings are a good way to discover the true conservatives in the county.

It is possible to know where people stand. Watch with whom they align, listen to what they say, watch whom they attack, follow the money, vet everyone, and then use your vote to support true conservatives.


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